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First Impressions

For guys that love sexy solo girls a site like Zelly´s is a great alternative to a single model site. They have 25 babes and counting here and they attempt to get the ladies in for multiple sets so if you fall in love with one you can see lots of her. They produce high quality videos and pictures and offer downloads of everything. A quick browse through the tour shows a bevy of total hotties showing their bodies. They tease the latest updates, offer a webcam schedule, and let you check out some of the top babes on the site.

Hot Promises

They call Zelly´s the fastest growing multi-model mega site on the internet and at this point there´s no reason not to believe them. They launched recently and are already up to 25 models with lots of pictures and videos. If they keep up with the near daily update schedule they´ll certainly get a whole lot bigger. They´ll have to do it daily to compete with the best sites in the genre. You´re promised photos at 1600px, videos at 1080p, more than 30 live shows a week and lots of hot young models.


The member´s area features the same design as the tour minus any advertising, of course. On the main page you´ll find the latest updates and they´ve been good about updating daily. It´s safe to assume that will continue in perpetuity and it would be smart to check on the tour since they include the latest additions there. Along the top of the page they have a simple line of links to the various content sections of the site and it´s awfully simple to get where you want to go.

Your first stop should be the list of models. They offer an A-Z list with a picture of each beauty and you just have to click the pic to find all of her photo sets. They don´t include the videos on the model pages, which is frustrating. Even on the video pages they don´t include the model´s name, which seems so simple to correct that I´m surprised they haven´t done it yet. There are currently 25 models and they add new girls often so that number will grow. It´s not really necessary for them to do so though. There are enough hotties here that you´ll have tons of fun working your way through them.

They have separate sections with all the photo and video sets listed by the date they were added. At the moment there are 55 photo galleries and 33 videos available for your enjoyment. For each there´s a picture preview and a brief title. Most photo galleries have 50-200 shots at the promised 1600px. For some reason the full size picture is displayed twice. It has something to do with their slideshow feature but it can be a little annoying to see the same picture twice on the same page. You can download all the picture galleries in a zip file.

The videos are high definition as promised and come only in WMV. The lack of other options is disappointing. First, not everyone wants HD video. Some don´t have computers that can handle it well. Second, some folks (myself included) like to stream videos instead of waiting for the WMV file to download. I like to watch online and then download the clip if I really love it. Here you only get one option. They only offer one screenshot as a preview along with the short title so often you won´t really know what you´re getting when you download a video. For a site hoping to compete with the big boys in the multi-model mega site market they need to clean up the video presentation a little.

A site like Zelly´s is going to succeed or fail almost entirely based on the quality of the models and their appeal to the audience at large. Their approach is to hire a wide range of types to offer something for everyone and it´s smart. Obviously all the ladies are young; youth is what most men are looking for online and they understand that. Outside of that they´re remarkably different. Kaylee is a wicked pretty blonde with a super slender body and small tits. Holly Webster has long curly hair, nerdy glasses, and big natural tits. Chrissy Marie is a curvy girl with large tits, wide hips, and a big sexy ass. Dakoda has a tiny pair of teen tits and a slim little body. Aaliyah Love is insanely cute and Brooklyn Evans is insanely sexy. You get the idea.

Most girls have done multiple sessions and a few of the more popular ladies seem to be coming back over and over again (it would be nice if they offered some way to view the content based on popularity but right now it´s either alphabetically or date added). All the girls are good looking and the level of nudity varies from babe to babe. Some do it non-nude (they usually get topless but cover their breasts) and some are willing to show the entire thing. It would be helpful if they had some way to note a girl´s level of nudity on her page before you start browsing through her pics.

The content at Zelly´s is entirely solo. They toe the line between the high end erotic art sites and solo girl sites where there´s a more personal feel. It can vary from girl to girl, too, although they lean more towards the typical solo babe site model. The photo work is most often excellent but there can be issues with lighting.

The videos are even more arousing than the pictures as far as I´m concerned. It´s hard not to get worked up when you watch a beautiful girl do a super sensual striptease and then masturbate her wet pussy until she orgasms and many of the gals here are willing to go to that level for your pleasure. They´re damn good at it too. Aaliyah Love has a video where she poses as a schoolgirl, strips, and fingers her pussy and asshole at the same time. Some girls are non nude but others are willing to take it all the way, which again lets Zelly´s present everything a horny young guy could want.

It´s possible that the webcam shows are the best reason to join Zelly´s. They provide incredible value! Each day you have at least one show and it´s often 2-4. A network of solo girls has banded together to offer these shows to members of all their sites, thus giving everyone extra value to offer to the boys that pay for their presence online. Shows are usually 30-60 minutes long, often in HD, and totally entertaining. The girls will chat, dance, strip, masturbate, and more. New babes are added to the network frequently and they make sure to always have tons of shows for you.

Zelly´s is new so at the moment it´s fairly small for a multi model site. They´re updating daily though and with that schedule they should have a robust, beautiful collection in no time. The only real drawbacks are the lack of video options, the lack of any information about the models (bio, profile, etc), the lack of personal interaction with the girls on the site (the webcam models are not Zelly´s girls), and the current small size of the collection. Croco´s Opinion

Zelly´s is a great start to a site that has a chance to be something special if they continue to update. They´re building a collection of content starring the sort of hotties you typically see on solo girl sites. The only difference is they have them all on one site that you get access to for just one fee. Plus, they´ll never stop updating since new girls are always ready to get naked and show off. The ladies are widely varied so all tastes are catered to and more ladies come often. Cute outfits, lingerie sets, and nothing at all is worn by the babes. Some are fully nude masturbating babes and some are non nude teasers. They´re all fun though. A few negatives hold the site back from true greatness only one video option (HD WMV), no information about or interaction with the models, fairly small site at the moment but they´re not enough to turn you away. When you throw in the huge number of free webcam shows it´s a great value if you find even some of the models appealing.


The site is well designed and easy to navigate. They don´t offer nearly enough information on the videos and they need to have more viewing options.

Pricing Policy

Membership costs $25.95 every 30 days recurring and $55.95 every 90 days recurring.

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